Back on Poolside

With the move back to the Edinburgh area, came my opportunity to get back into one of my favourite things.

I absolutely love coaching swimming, there is nothing better than seeing the joy on a kids face when they finally get their technique right or win a race. Knowing that I helped them get there is such a good feeling and proof that all the hard work does pay off.

Hopefully with my return to coaching I'll get back into swimming myself as I can't sit back and tell the kids what to do if I struggle myself, thats just not fair!

This will be good for my blog aswell as it means I'll actually have a variety of swimming related posts to write and can see things from the perspective of both coach and swimmer.



The Sun Inn

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

I thought about writing a couple of posts over the holidays, but it was so busy with all the running around that had to be done before hand and I'm sure everyone was preoccupied with their own festivities. To be honest it was really nice to spend a little bit of time relaxing with friends and family. However there is one evening I wanted to share.

It was my Grans Birthday at the end of December so we went out for dinner to The Sun Inn. I had never been before but I'd heard great things so was really looking forward to it. It was so lovely and cosy with adorable christmas decorations dotted around the place, I really wish I'd taken a photo, but I was too busy admiring my surroundings.

So onto the good bit....

I usually play it pretty safe when I go to a new restaurant and order dishes I know I'll enjoy however on this occasion I decided to try something new and lets just say it wasn't meant to be.

I started with the confit duck leg with crispy rice, which was delicious! Although it was rather large for a starter, I had to stop myself polishing it off as I didn't want to ruin my appetite for my main.

Unfortunately this was where my plan failed, I thought I'd try the vegetarian dish on the menu that night as it sounded lovely: a vegetarian pie, with feta, peppers, courgettes, a salad with tzatziki and mint dressing accompanied by potato wedges. It read so well on the menu but I must admit I was rather disappointed with the dish, it was probably 90% feta and I had been expecting more veg. I really want to try make this at home one day but with a little less cheese!

By the time we had all finished our mains we were pretty stuffed but decided we just had to have dessert and I'm so glad I did, it saved my meal! Both my mum and I ordered the creme brûlée with berry compote and a little shortbread biscuit. We polished it off so fast you'd never believe we were full 5 minutes prior to its arrival.

I am looking forward to a return visit at some point to allow the place to redeem itself after my poor choice of main course. Don't let this stop you though! the food and atmosphere was great, and the staff were all very lovely too, so if you're ever in the area looking for a place to eat then give these guys a go!

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