Christmas lotion

Since I've been spending the week getting into the christmas spirit I thought I'd share a present I got last year that makes showers christmassy. That sounds ridiculous but honestly it works!

My mum gave me this set of body wash and lotion that's peppermint scented! the body wash smells so good and the lotion is cool and refreshing, I don't think I have ever been so excited for a shower.

They came as a gift set from arbonne, unfortunately I can't find exactly the same thing online now, this years pampermint set is a hand & footcare number, that I'm pretty sure is just as amazing and would make a great gift. It's probably a little late for this year but it's always worth bearing in mind for next year.



Ten Days!

The first couple of weeks in December, I was so busy trying to get organised to move back home, that I wasn't really in the christmas spirit. I didn't even enjoy buying christmas presents, which isn't like me at all!

Things are looking up though, I arrived at my parents house on Saturday night and then got to spend Sunday watching my brothers swim, and pick up some last minute gifts with my gran. Matt and I drove back to my parents and met Mike and his girlfriend there. We ordered takeout and tried to get into the christmas spirit: Mike decorated the tree while Ellie wrapped up some presents, Matt picked out a christmas film and I ordered the indian.

Our tree is a little small this year, no one has been in the house so there was no point in getting a real one, but it just isn't christmas without a tree and a nice warm fire. Its safe to say I'm finally excited for christmas and to have the whole family round for the day.



Secret Santa

Yes I know its still only the beginning of December but I just love Christmas, the 25th of December is quite possibly my favourite day of the year so any excuse to start the celebrations early is very welcome.

Since I'm moving in a week (yes again, but this is the last time for a while I swear) I knew I wasn't going to have much time to see friends. So we took the opportunity this week to go out for dinner and exchange our secret santa presents. We all agreed to stick to £10....this was so hard, seriously when did things get so expensive? Anyway after making a tenner stretch as far as possible, I wrapped up the present and headed to Jamie's for some good food and a catch up.

Apparently when these restaurants first opened they had a real problem with people stealing these napkins...I thought a photo would be enough.

We were starving but decided there was no way we would manage 3 courses so settled for a bread basket to share to kick things off. While we waited for food we chatted and sipped on cocktails.

Before our food arrived we decided to exchange our secret santa presents, although it wasn't much of a secret as there was only the 4 of us. I must admit I always like to know who got what for who, so I didn't mind it wasn't so secret. As my secret santa handed me a bag I was informed "its Despicable Me themed, but it's not what you think" I must admit I was slightly confused at this point but as soon as I opened it up, it made complete sense.....


Its one of those microwaveable things, great for the cold nights in Aberdeen and it really is very fluffy.

After the excitement over a pink unicorn I was really ready to eat, and with that our food arrived, we dove right in and barely said a word while we wolfed down our mains. After shovelling the food down we all sat back saying how full we were, but when the waitress came back offering dessert we couldn't resist temptation. 

The Lemon cheesecake and a cappuccino was the perfect way to end such a nice evening.

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