Time to relax

Sorry its been a while, things have been a little crazy what with moving and starting a new job but I am back to tell you about my Spa day.

For our birthday back in February my mum and I were given vouchers for a spa day but they sat around for months unused. Since I was moving away we thought it was about time to make the most of them!

On the day we had planned to start off in the gym but it was such a lovely sunny day that we decided to take a long walk over the golf course and down the beach.

How can anyone say that was a bad idea! It was so pretty with the little boats out at sea and we even saw someone paddle boarding. There always seems to be something fun going on at the beach in North Berwick

So after our walk we headed back to the spa for our massages. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a massage as much as this one, I was so tense before it what with getting back into swimming.

We spent a little time relaxing reading our books before we went for a swim, steam and jacuzzi. Three of my favourite things.

We soon were feeling pretty hungry so decided to dry off then head for something to eat, or in my case a nice cool glass of wine. 

How cool is this little box of delights though? Possibly the best way to eat a meal, you can gobble it all up at your own pace and even eat dessert first if you want. So what did we eat? well we were a little boring as we both ordered the same thing which included grilled chicken, salad, veg sticks, fruit and carrot cake (my favourite!)

We took our time eating, enjoying the views over the golf course and out to the sea. Then we headed for home. 

It was such a great day and if you're ever in the North Berwick area looking for a spa then the Marine is definitely the place to go!


Wellies in the Summer

Lately its been hard to tell what time of year it is, sure its June and the days are longer but one second its glorious sunshine and the next its pouring rain! This is not ok with me, I like the heat! But taking the positives from this I got to wear my wellies for the first time this year.

Its not exactly the clear blue seas of the Caribbean, but its my beach and I love it. Theres nothing better than a 10 minute walk down to the sea especially on a miserable day as not many people venture down there and you really get to enjoy it by yourself.
If a walk along the beach doesn't clear your mind, the trip back through the woods will make you forget your cares. walking through the trees with the burn trickling past (or on this occasion racing) you could be anywhere. I love getting lost with my thoughts, takes me back to being a child imagining fairies hiding amongst the rocks.



Celebrate with Food

I got a new job!

After about 7 months of working a few part time jobs, it is finally time for me to have a proper grown up job! We had to celebrate, so my parents took my brother and I out for dinner to a restaurant of my choosing. Unfortunately we were a sibling down but that didn't stop us having a lovely family evening. We went to Spirit of Thai in Edinburgh which is amazing and i'm not the only one with this opinion just check out the rating on trip advisor.
I always start with the chicken Satay cause it is my absolute favourite. My parents had it this time too and they finally get what the fuss is about. There will be no more "why do you always order that?".

I tried something new for my main, but I can't remember what it was called. I thought grilled chicken with coconut and lime sounded great but when it arrived and I saw the large chunks of butternut squash I felt like a kid in a candy store! I quickly demolished the whole plate. 
I normally avoid having chicken for both starter and main but on this occasion I'm so glad I went for it.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Edinburgh then I highly recommend this place, its small but the food is delightful and the staff are always very friendly. 



Back in the water

I can't even remember learning how to swim, as far as I'm concerned i've always been able to do it. I do remember the occasional lesson such as the one where I lost a tooth at the bottom of the pool, but I don't actually remember the swimming.

After some time away from swimming myself I recently gave it a go again, and let me tell you getting back in the pool is tough! Even if you think you're fit I challenge you to get in a pool and swim. My first session back consisted of the following:
This is exactly what I looked like and it
was only a 25!

300m choice swim for warm up
3x200m freestyle (1.drill 2.kick 3.swim)
6x50 backstroke (my least favourite stroke!)

2x100m IM
4x25m fly
100m swim down

Thats only a total of 1600m! now personally I don't think thats too great but I can tell you my body completely disagreed. I was in agony after but it was nothing a good yoga session couldn't fix.

I can say it was completely worth it, theres nothing quite like a good swim session to relax the mind and body.



Welcome to my world

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, I've been thinking about doing this for a little while but always came up with excuses not to, i've finally taken the plunge and set up this wee blog. This time last year I was a bit pessimistic and didn't feel like I had many good things going for me. The past few months have completely proved me wrong. So I have set up this blog so I can record everything good and things I enjoy doing as a reminder that life is pretty good.
The things that keep me happy and will be appearing on this blog are all things swimming, balanced out by my love of cakes and macarons, what a combination! Also the little things in daily life that I couldn't go without and anything else that brings a smile to my face.
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